Patio, Circle Kit, Curved sitting walls and fire pit. Completed December 2017

Patio, Steps, and curved sitting wall (completed November 2017)

Ruby Onyx Retaining wall, Toffee Onyx pavers and Bullnose Steps (completed September 2017)

Pavers Installed Around this Beautiful Pool.Completed August 2017(Cambridge Pavers Ledgestone 3pcs. Toffee Onyx with Onyx For 


Patio, Steps, And Sitting Wall Installed August 2017

Steps and Patio Installed August 2017( Cambridge Pavers : Onyx Natural and Onyx Border. Steps Bullnose Pavers.) 


Steps, Patio and Sitting Wall Installed July 2017  ( Cambridge Pavers Toffe/Oynx Lite and Oynx Natural Border Trim) 


Retaining Wall - Patio - Vinyl Railings August 2015

Sitting Wall: Cambridge Maytrix Spilt Face Toffe Onyx-Patio Cambridge Pavers Round Table Toffee Onyx

Patio: Cambridge Pavers Round table Onyx , Onyx lite Cambridge Natural Landscape Steps